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About the Center

Solving the world's biggest problems in

Tackling these complex global challenges requires the collaboration of a wide range of disciplines and a mix of innovative, non-traditional actors. Founded in 2006, The Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley brings together academics, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and Silicon Valley-inspired solutions to solve the world’s most pressing development challenges. Operating on the notion that a world-class public research university must be a force for tackling society’s most persistent challenges, the Blum Center…

  • Inspires and facilitates interdisciplinary research and problem-solving
  • Teaches students to think critically and optimistically about issues of poverty and development
  • Equips the next generation of social entrepreneurs with the skills needed to design, deploy, and scale world-changing innovations
  • Advises and trains groups and organizations on methods for fostering a culture of innovation in their workplaces

The Blum Center offers the following academic programs and initiatives:

BIG IDEAS@BERKELEY is one of the oldest university-based student idea contests. In a rigorous, yearlong process, the contest provides funding, support, and mentoring to students seeking to have real-world impact in the areas of clean energy, global health, and food security, among other global challenges. Learn more…

GLOBAL POVERTY AND PRACTICE (GPP) is one of the most popular academic minors at UC Berkeley. GPP trains undergraduates to critically analyze the history and sources of poverty and inequality, and prepares them to engage with poverty alleviation in communities all over the world. Learn more…

DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING is an interdisciplinary training program launched in 2014 for UC Berkeley graduate students who aim to use technology to address the needs of people living in poverty. The program is the first of its kind in the country. Now featuring InFEWS, a food-energy-water concentration of Development Engineering. Learn more…

IDEALABS are multidisciplinary collaborations between UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students working on developing a common application, product, or service. Learn more…

THE SOCIAL INNOVATOR ONRAMP helps students grow their ideas for social impact while still in school. The OnRamp course and its online resource guide are designed to bridge the gap between early stage ideation and off-campus implementation. Learn more…

DEVELOPMENT IMPACT LAB (DIL) was founded in 2012 with a $20 million investment from USAID and is a global consortium of researchers, nongovernmental organizations, and industry partners committed to advancing international development through science and technology. Learn more…

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