Our Approach

The Blum Center links world-class faculty, inspiring new curriculum, and innovative technologies, services, and business models to create real-world solutions for the poor.

We combine engineering, science, business, and economics to discover, test, evaluate, and deploy technologies and services to fight poverty.

We catalyze the efforts of the university community, in partnership with for-profit and non-profit entities, to develop scalable and sustainable solutions. Our multi-disciplinary approaches are built around new technologies with great potential for the developing world.

We invest in promising efforts and shepherd them to the next stage, engaging partners outside the university interested in bringing these innovations to millions.

Science and technology can drive major breakthroughs in international development, but social and economic barriers often prevent potentially transformative innovations from reaching the world’s poor. The USAID-supported Development Impact Lab (DIL) brings together science, engineering, and economics to change the way new technologies are designed, evaluated, and scaled. DIL aims to be a model for how universities can leverage the talent and energy of faculty and students to deliver incredible gains in human progress.

Development Impact Lab