Poverty-Related Courses Available for All Students


Each semester, the Blum Center supports new courses that expand the University’s current offerings related to global poverty and inequality.

In addition to expanding the base of knowledge on campus about poverty alleviation, these specialized courses attract and inspire students from a wide variety of disciplines.

These courses are open to—and welcome—students from all majors. Students who have declared the Global Poverty and Practice Minor are provided with instructions for priority enrollment. Graduate students are also welcome to join these courses. For questions, email ude.y1501166533elekr1501166533eb@ro1501166533nimpp1501166533g1501166533.

Current ClassesPast Classes

There are also many additional courses on campus that relate to themes of poverty & inequality. You can view these courses by sector and geographical area on the GPP Minor Requirements page under “Directed Electives.” These classes fulfill elective requirements for GPP Minor students, but they are open to students from across campus.