GPP Staff Advisors and Peer Advisors are available to meet with students to discuss any questions they have regarding the GPP Minor. The GPP Peer Advisors are undergraduate students who have completed a majority of the requirements for the GPP Minor, including the Practice Experience. They are a great resource to seek information about what the Minor entails, selecting a Practice Experience, course planning, and much more.

We encourage prospective students to meet with GPP Advisors before they apply to declare the Minor. Students declared in the Minor should check in regularly with the Advisors for guidance on ensuring regular progress towards completing the Minor.

Email to set up an in-person or phone advising appointment if you’re not available for Drop-In Advising Hours.

Drop-in Advising hours for the Spring Semester are:

Monday & Wednesday: 10:00am – 12:00pm; 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Friday: 10:00am – 12:00pm
100 H Blum Hall

Meet the Advisors

Major: Public Health

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: In the summer of 2016, I worked in the Volta Region of Ghana with a locally-founded medical nonprofit organization called Blue-Med Africa. The organization provides health-related services including mobile clinics, health screenings, and educational workshops for underprivileged communities. In my time there, I worked directly with community members, doctors, nurses, and other volunteers to set up clinics, bandage wounds, and conduct other various tasks to support the organization’s work.

Activities: Alta Bates ED Volunteer, National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians Student Trainee, Mapping the Human Right to Water Research Assistant, TAUG Journal, Klesis Christian Fellowship

About Me: Hello, my name is Kerri and I’m from super-Southern California in a little border town called Calexico. I grew up in the desert, so I spent a lot of time indoors and in the shade reading and growing up with books like the Harry Potter series. Still, I love a good hike and am always down for spontaneous day trips! The GPP minor has broadened my perspective, been essential to my academic and personal development at Cal, and introduced me into a community of amazing people who work hard and for social good together. I’m interested in community health and was able to work with an organization in that field for my practice experience. I’m also planning to pursue nursing/healthcare after graduation. If you’d like to talk about the minor, have questions about my experiences, or just want to chat, I’d be happy to talk to you. I look forward to meeting you all!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: Although planning for the future is important, often when it comes down to it, pursuing what you’re passionate about over the practical path holds more value — even if you’re not entirely sure how it will intersect with your major or career plans!

Major: Public Health

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: My practice experience was with the NGO, Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action, who works with communities in informal settlements in Mumbai on issues of maternal and child health, gender-based violence, and adolescent sexual and reproductive health education. I personally helped with a qualitative study exploring the experiences of individuals living in informal settlements who were working with the NGO as community health volunteers. I also conducted a literature review on community health workers in a low-resource context.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: Sectors and Methods: PH 181 Population and Poverty, Global and Area Studies: IAS 196 Economics and Development in Indian Society

Activities: Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative, DeCal Facilitator for “Health and Human Rights in ‘Slums’”

About Me: Hi everyone! I was originally born in Gujarat, India and have lived in southern California since I was 8. This immigration experience is the root of why I’m in GPP today! I’m passionate about the intersection of global health research and social justice, as well as utilizing participatory community-based approaches. I’m also considering medicine and further studies in public health, so if you’re also confused about the future, we can help each other out! In my down time, I love listening to podcasts and cooking… so you can also come to me for podcast or recipe recommendations. I’m looking forward to working with you all in your GPP journeys!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: Never feel too intimidated to do your practice experience abroad, if that’s what you want to do! The GPP minor offers you loads of support to make sure you’re feeling safe, secure, and choose the best practice experience organization for you and your interests.

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: I worked with the Southeast Health Center (SEHC) in San
Francisco’s economically disadvantaged district of Bayview-Hunter’s Point. The federal
government funds the SEHC, which allows Medi-Cal patients, homeless individuals, and marginalized community members to benefit from the primary care services provided. The SEHC seeks to optimize sustainable high-quality care and low-cost access for patients. I assisted in medical scribing, addressed health disparities, and participated in patient education in order to make patients’ visits more efficient and increase the clinic’s
productivity. My Practice Experience allowed me to engage in my dual passion for medicine and social justice.

Activities: Nomura Research Group, TEDxBerkeley, Cal Triathlon, Biology Scholars Program

About Me: Hello! I was born in the small, humble town of Arteaga, Michoacan, in Mexico and raised in Fresno, CA. I have always been interested in pursuing the medical field with a desire of working alongside underserved populations. The GPP minor has been a formative aspect of my education at Cal. GPP provides a vibrant space to engage in revolutionizing ideas and fostering relationships with passionate individuals that share a commitment to serving impoverished communities and addressing inequalities. I would love to provide encouragement to help you pursue this minor or also with any other questions you may have! Other talking points could be sloths, chocolate, swimming, or anything else on your mind. Looking forward to meeting you!

Major: Anthropology

Year: Super Senior

Practice Experience: I completed my practice experience in Bangalore, India this past summer at a nonprofit organization called Swasti Health Resource Centre. Swasti provides research, needs assessments, program planning, impact evaluation, consulting, and funding to smaller nonprofit organizations and projects in  India working to combat the many issues faced by sex workers. One of the main projects that Swasti is funding is the Avahan project, which works to combat HIV/AIDS by targeting key contributing factors (like gender-based violence) that are shown to increase one’s vulnerability to contracting it. Specifically, my work was to assist in planning and implementing violence prevention and safety-planning workshops in the most vulnerable regions of India. Human trafficking was another key factor that was shown to contribute to the amount of HIV/AIDS infections in red light areas, so we also worked on developing exit strategies for those who had been trafficked into sex work. In order to begin developing these strategies, we conducted interviews with community members and surrounding stakeholders.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: IAS 196: India in a Globalized World: Post-Colonialism, Neo-classicism and Beyond, GWS 102: Transnational Feminism

Activities: President of Anti-Trafficking Coalition at Berkeley, BUILD Mentor, Facilitator for Peace Corps Decal, Golden Bear Orientation Leader, University Chorus

About Me: Hey everyone! I grew up in West Hills – a hot, suburban town in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Growing up, I always wanted to learn more about societal inequities, women’s rights, children’s rights, and human rights issues, and ever since high school it was a dream of mine to get out of the valley and engage more deeply with these issues at Cal. The GPP minor has helped me learn how to confront these issues in a respectful and holistic way, while also affording me the opportunity to engage with them in person through my practice experience in India. I was also able to travel to India the summer previously through the Global Internships program, in which I took classes and interned at the same time. I am happy to answer any questions about completing your practice experience internationally, studying abroad, class schedules, or any other questions you may have! Some of my favorite things at the moment (which I’d also love to talk to you about) include traveling, spontaneous late night food runs, hiking, Game of Thrones, and dancing. I’m super excited to be here, and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: Never feel too intimidated to do your practice experience abroad, if that’s what you want to do! The GPP minor offers you loads of support to make sure you’re feeling safe, secure, and choose the best practice experience organization for you and your interests.

Major: Public Health

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: I did my practice experience in Ho, Ghana with Blue-Med Africa, a local organization that works to connect rural communities to medical care through mobile clinics and school health outreach. During my PE, I got to be a part of the daily activities of the organization like assisting in the mobile clinics by organizing medications and doing screenings for ringworm at local schools. While there is a national healthcare system in Ghana, many of the rural communities are still excluded. Blue-Med works to bridge this disparity and reduce morbidity and mortality from diseases (like malaria) by increasing access to medical care and health awareness.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: PH 150E: Introduction to Community Health and Development, Ethnic Studies 173AC: Indigenous Peoples in Global Inequality

Activities: Lifeguard at Cal, REACH, Living Water Christian Fellowship, HEAL initiative

About Me: Hi! My name is Janie, and I was born in a little town called Newton next to Boston in Massachusetts. I don’t remember much because I moved to Orange County when I was four and grew up here. I got to spend my sophomore year of high school in Indonesia where I experienced the health disparities, not only in health outcomes, but also access between socioeconomic classes. I’m passionate about reducing inequalities globally but also in the Bay Area through education, advocacy, and health services. Through the minor, I had the opportunity to really delve into root causes of poverty, why poverty still persists, and how to work to alleviate it. Other interests I have are swimming, lifting, eating, and spending time in nature. So, if you have questions about me, the minor, or anything else. please feel free to come chat with me at The Blum Center!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: The faculty in GPP are very unique and are here for you so take advantage of the time you have with them to learn from and get to know them.

Major: Linguistics

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: I am currently working as an intern with Kiva, an international nonprofit organization that aims to connect people through crowdfunded microloans to alleviate poverty, based in San Francisco. I work on the Kiva US team, particularly on the project to expand Kiva to Berkeley. I interact with several local entrepreneurs and small business owners in the area, attend networking events, connect with Kiva Trustees, and plan events for Kiva to create marketplaces. We are currently working on a UC Berkeley marketplace, coming to you soon in September 2017, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

GPP Elective Courses Taken: Ethnic Students 100: Comparative Ethnic Literature in America

Activities: Cal Rotaract, American Red Cross @ Cal, ASUC Senator and EAVP Offices, Hindu Student Council, Clinton Global Initiative University, Student Assistant at Blum Center

About Me:  Hi my name is Priya, like a Toyota Prius! I was born in South India, specifically Chennai, and raised in Fremont, CA, which is (almost) the last stop on BART. I am currently a senior at Cal studying Linguistics. Believe it or not, I declared my GPP minor before I declared my major because I became very intrigued by the uniqueness of this program after taking the GPP Decal offered my freshman year. With a strong service background, I knew I wanted to make an impact on the world – GPP made me to fall in love with the development sector and provided me with a space to explore such interests. Given my infinite interests, I would love to chat with you about anything and everything, from community service, to international development, to artificial intelligence, to global health, to business and finance, to entrepreneurship, to photography, to music, and anything else you can think of! I’m looking forward to meeting you and being a helping hand in you pursuing your passions in GPP!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: When I was a freshman, I had the privilege of participating in the GPP Decal, in which we had the opportunity to watch and analyze the amazing #GlobalPOV videos. When you get a chance, definitely check out those videos, as they were a great inspiration in influencing me to declare and pursue the GPP minor. It provides insight into several deep-rooted issues in an aesthetic and creative vlog format.

Major(s): Political Economy

Year: Junior

Practice Experience: I worked in Mumbai, India with the Family Planning Association of India for my practice experience. The International Planned Parenthood Federation oversees FPA India and similar family planning organizations, like Planned Parenthood in the U.S., which work together to provide reproductive health services and family planning around the world. FPA India reaches the most underprivileged people by providing health care at reduced costs and for free. The clinics are stigma- free zones, where everyone can receive contraceptives and services. The organization actively fights stigma and advocates for people’s reproductive and sexual rights across the country. What interested me most was how the organization implemented sexuality curriculum in schools and in youth centers for out-of-school young people. The comprehensive curriculum includes topics of gender, sexuality, biology of sex, reproductive rights, abuse, and pleasure. As an adolescent education intern, I created a version of the sexuality education curriculum for a website and attended counseling sessions, pediatric appointments, and did outreach for the reproductive health services provided at the clinic.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: IAS 150.8: Globalization in India, Public Policy C103 Wealth and Poverty, Political Economy 101: Contemporary Theories of Political Economy, Political Science C139/ City Planning C139: Urban and Sub-national Politics in Developing Countries, Gender and Women’s Studies 102: Transnational Feminism, Economics C171/Environmental Economics & Policy C151: Economic Development, Demography 126C/ Sociology 126C: Sex, Death and Data, AIS 196- India in a Globalized World: Post colonialism, Neo-classicism and Beyond

Activities: Fair Trade University Campaign, UC Berkeley Model United Nations, Wind Ensemble, Cal Climbing Team, CHAOS, Clinton Global Initiative University, Zeta Tau Alpha, Cal Rotaract, Cal Climbing Team, CHAOS

About Me: Hey there! I am Margaux Payton from Poway, California–a suburban town in San Diego County. I grew up raising farm animals, camping, and hiking with my family. I am a huge music person—gotta love a random dance party! Cal was (and still is) my dream school for its legacy of social justice warriors, for its current nobel laureate faculty, and for its forward looking environmental consciousness. I had a great experience in Cal’s Global Internships study abroad program because I was able to take classes in India, do my practice experience and travel all at once. If you have a question about completing an international practice experience or about simultaneously studying abroad and doing your practice experience, I am happy to answer them! And, of course, all other questions or concerns you may have. I am eager to meet you and hope to be of service!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: GPP community is very tight-knit so be sure to get involved with different opportunities to connect with other students, faculty and staff. People are passionate, approachable and want to help you excel! Expand your social and professional network while you are still in Berkeley, many of us will come back one day as alumni and so don’t regret not meeting people while you can.

Major: Public Health

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: I worked at a non-profit called “A Place Called Home” in South Central Los Angeles. APCH is a free community youth center for low-income kids and teens with different departments such as music, art, athletics, nutrition, counseling, dance, technology, and education. I worked in the nutrition department teaching gardening classes, cooking classes, and nutrition education to attempt to decrease the health disparity in this community. I was able to engage with a community with such a different background as me, but a community that was only a short 10 miles away from my home. On top of making connections with the children and staff, mostly from South Central, I observed first hand how a non-profit works and learned about their specific approach to tackle poverty.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: Public Health 150E: Community Health; Chicano Studies 180: Topics in Chicano

Activities: Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition (UPHC), Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP)

About Me: Hi, my name is Marie! I’m from Santa Monica, CA where I spend time at the beach, surf, play soccer, and hang out with my dog, family, and friends. On top of this, I enjoy backpacking, snowboarding, playing cards, running, and traveling. I am extremely passionate about learning and school, and have been fortunate to find my interest in public health with a focus child and maternal malnutrition. Cal, being a progressive university in human rights and social justice, has been an excellent fit for me, and the GPP minor has helped guide my passion even more. I look forward to discussing why the minor means so much to me, answering any questions you have, or just simply having a conversation about the poverty topics at hand. See you at The Blum Center!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: Do not let the critical analysis of poverty approaches bring your hope and optimism for our future down. Critical thinking can only help improve situations!

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Year: Junior

Practice Experience: For my practice experience, I traveled to Taiwan for roughly two and a half months to work with the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC), a non-governmental organization that strives to better the health of people isolated by geographical boundaries and mountainous terrain. For about 12 weeks, I assisted in two primary ways: through administrative and logistical work and medical service missions. While in the office, I helped on the publicity end by translating stories of past members, managed their website, and assisted writing their medical reports. I also organized their medical and donation supplies prior to their medical service trips. While in the field, I was in charge of donations (clothes, food, toys), but I also helped set up the clinic spaces and had the opportunity to shadow the physicians as they interacted with the aborigines.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: N/A

Activities: Suitcase Clinic, Klesis Fellowship, IM Basketball

About Me: Hello! I’m Jeff from Hsinchu Taiwan. I’m passionate about and hope to work along the intersection of health, research and social justice/welfare in the future. GPP has opened my eyes to see many underlying public health issues and the complex nature of poverty along with factors that help perpetuate it. For my practice experience I was in Taiwan, my hometown, working with a NGO to help deliver healthcare to areas isolated by mountainous regions. Apart from GPP, I also love playing guitar, basketball, soccer, volleyball (pretty much any sport). If you have any question regarding the minor or just want to chat definitely come check us out. I’m excited to meet y’all!

Advice for prospective or newly declared GPP students: Don’t be afraid to reach out to people to help process your emotions and thoughts during your GPP journey. It’s important to be able to reflect upon or journal about your experiences.

Spring 2018 Advising Schedule

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