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Development Engineering Student Paige Balcom Recipient of IIE Rodman Rockefeller Centennial Fellowship

Many regions in Uganda are waste sinks—places where plastic gets in but doesn’t get out. For instance, Gulu, the country’s second largest population center, is 6 hours from the nearest recycling facilities in Kampala, so it’s not economically feasible to transport low-value waste to the capital. The plastic is stuck in Gulu—localized recycling and processing is needed.

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2 days ago
Can digital technology help with the coronavirus crisis and the SDGs? Good question. Thanks @CGDev
6 days ago
Can't stop won't stop: @Blum_Center Ed Director & @Cal_Engineer ME Prof @agogino 's @squishyrobotic selected for Capitol Hill Start-up Showcase
6 days ago
Congrats to @Blum_Center Faculty Director and @Cal_Engineer Shankar Sastry for launching the C3ai Digital Transformation Institute with $367M over 5 years to "put top scientists onto gargantuan social problems with the help of AI." First up? #COVID19.

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