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Suleiman Halasah: Environment as a Cross-boundary Peacebuilding Tool

Titled “Innovations and Collaboration at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems: Toward Sustainability in the Middle East,” Halasah’s talk covered his role as founder and co-director of JICCER, his solar water pumping project with Palestinian and Jordanian farmers, and the lessons he has learned about community development and environmental peacebuilding.

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15 hours ago
We are in a new era of technology for development, folks. See @EmmaBatha article about app that predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance. #tech4dev
20 hours ago
Natural disasters are costing the world half a trillion dollars per year, with up to 26M people being pushed into poverty. But @WorldBank Disaster Risk Management Expert and @UCBerkeley alum Joe Leitmann believes those numbers can be cut by a third. Blum_Center photo
2 days ago
What Is the Best Way to End Modern Slavery? @UCBerkeley @Blum_Center researcher @siddharthkara Kara says: Enable Legal Migration.

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