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Dr. Bertram Lubin (1939-2020), An Appreciation

It is with a heavy heart and beloved appreciation that we memorialize the passing of Dr. Bertram Lubin, a groundbreaking pediatrician and children’s hospital leader. Bert, as he was widely known, was the kind of person the Blum Center dreams of having around—to mentor students, advise faculty, inspire ideas, and lend decades of knowledge about the fight for disease mitigation and healthcare equity.

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A Class for the Pandemic

When Rachel Dzombak and Vivek Rao began planning for the spring 2020 Development Engineering course “Innovation in Disaster Response,” part of their motivation was to get students to think about the use of technology during past disasters. But by early March, it was clear to Dzombak and Rao that the COVID-19 pandemic was increasing the relevancy of their class in ways no one could have predicted.

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Big Ideas Entrepreneurs Respond to COVID-19

For many entrepreneurs who come out of the University of California’s Big Ideas social innovation contest, the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are motivating them to find creative ways to shift their business strategies to stay busy and afloat.

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3 days ago
The winner of this year's @BigIdeasContest Scaling Up prize is @LiquidGOLDcncpt. Congratulations to Anna Sadovnikova and the LiquidGold Concept Team!

3 days ago
The EdVisor Team is grateful to be selected as Big Ideas Contest winners and we are using the capital and mentorship to fuel progress toward MVP launch. #bigideas2020 #ucberkeley #highered #edvisoreducation #berkeleyhaas Blum_Center photo
3 days ago
It is with a heavy heart and beloved appreciation that we memorialize the passing of the great Dr. Bertram Lubin -- groundbreaking pediatrician, @UCSFBenioffOAK leader, @Cal_Engineer & @Blum_Center health advisor, social determinants of health visionary.

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