Pedal or Power Project (PPP) (UC Berkeley)


BI Filler Photo-01The goal of Pedal or Power Project (PPP) is to ease poverty through the proven power of a bicycle to solve transportation problems in developing countries. PPP will fabricate, assemble and distribute bicycles, both motorized and none motorized, in the country of Uganda depending on the need. The bicycle unique ability of having two power sources that can work simultaneously makes it efficient reliable and most important environmental friendly. Motorized bikes will be able to mount simple motors to bicycles or locally made wheelchairs in order to ease mobility for all. PPP is an attempt to solve Africa’s long standing ignored
transportation dilemma especially among the poor in remote areas where infrastructure is lacking. For some villages even the limited resources are tens of miles away. These bikes are to be used by children, healthcare workers, and people with disability to more easily access limited resources.

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Host and Fellow Responsibilities

Host Organizations

  • Identify staff supervisor to manage I&E Climate Action Fellow
  • Submit fellowship description and tasks
  • Engage in the matching process
  • Mentor and advise students
  • Communicate with Berkeley program director and give feedback on the program.

Berkeley Program Director​

  • Communicate with host organizations, students, and other university departments to ensure smooth program operations

Student Fellows

  • Complete application and cohort activities
  • Communicate with staff and host organizations
  • Successfully complete assignments from host organization during summer practicum
  • Summarize and report summer experience activities post-fellowship