Our Students in the News

Recent Op-ed Articles by Global Poverty & Practice Students

“Will student loan debt be worth it?”
— By Amber Gonzales-Vargas, San Francisco Chronicle

“Millennials must seek water rights at home and abroad”
— By Estrella Sainburg, The Daily Californian

“#GlobalPOV: Can Experts Solve Poverty?”
— By Alex Berryhill, Fair Observer

“Here versus there: Reflections from a ‘voluntourist’”
— By Brenna Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle

“End solitary confinement”
— By Bernadette Rabuy, The Daily Californian

“Preventing dependency in the 2013 Farm Bill”
— By Antonina Entler, The Berkeley Blog Bill

“Why oppose building new homes for the homeless?”
— By Jason Budge, Berkeleyside

Past GPP Practice Experiences

Several students in the GPP Minor have documented their Practice Experiences by keeping blogs. Follow the links below to visit their blogs and learn more about their experiences and insights.

Samantha Santamaria

worked with Global Family, an anti-trafficking NGO in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Silvia Avila

worked with Fundacion Cantaro Azul in Chiapas, Mexico to improve access to clean drinking water in rural communities.

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Stephany Martinez Tiffer

worked on issues of sexual and reproductive rights in Nicaragua.

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Jarrod Suda

worked in Bolivia with Proyecto Horizonte focusing on youth education and access to healthcare.

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Elizabeth Cho

completed her practice with Uganda Development Health Associates, supporting programs for individuals with HIV/AIDS.

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Danielle Puretz

worked in New Orleans, LA with Young Aspirations/Young Artists.

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Asia Tallino

worked in Senegal, Africa with Urban Farmers GIE, assisting with fundraising as well as researching urban agricultural practices.

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Janine Myint

worked in Mumbai, India with the Bombay Leprosy Project to provide specialized care to those diagnosed with the disease.

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Brenda Hernandez

worked in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India with the Bhoruka Charitable Trust’s Health of Urban Poor program.

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Soha Eshraghi

worked to evaluate the impact of the Uganda Village Project’s programs last summer in Iganga, Uganda.

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Samantha Dizon

worked with Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines last summer on issues of women empowerment.

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Chelsea Harmon

completed her practice experience with TECHO assisting with community development programs in Santiago, Chile.

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Sayuri Takagawa

worked with the Women’s Economic Agenda Project as a social justice intern in Oakland.

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Diana Tran

worked with the Project Vietnam Foundation last summer to conduct an assessment on health care service delivery.

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Esther Chung

worked with the Uganda Village project on health care initiatives and preventative public health education.

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Brenna Alexander

worked on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs as well as volunteered with an orphanage in Cambodia last summer.

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Lauren McAvoy

worked with nutrition programs in Tacloban City, Philippines last summer for her practice experience.

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Christopher Buoy

completed his practice in Cambodia last summer, working on an HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention program.

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Julie Scrivner

conducted surveys of families in Cameroon on environmental challenges and how they responded to these challenges.

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Christopher Carson

interned with Virtus (Виртус), a non-profit organization in the Ukraine to prevent the spread of HIV and aids.

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Anh-Thi Le

Completed her practice in Trichy, India volunteering for Nest, a nonprofit microbartering and fair trade organization.

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Rebecca Peters

Completed her practice in Bolivia working with the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

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Crystal Cantabrana

Completed her practice with Nest, a nonprofit microbartering and fair trade organization in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Arienne Malekmadani

Completed her practice with Blue-Med Africa in Ghana. She shadowed doctors, and assisted with patient intake and outtake.

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Angela Roh

Completed her Practice in Trichy, India working with Nest, a nonprofit microbartering and fair trade organization.

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Nikki Brand

Completed her Practice in Panajachel, Guatemala where she worked with Nest, a nonprofit microbartering and fair trade organization.

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Shahrzad Makaremi

Shahrzad completed her Practice with Sambhali Trust in Jodhpur, India to support the education and empowerment of lower-caste women.

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Julia Hurwitz

Completed her Practice in Togo, Western Africa where she worked with Nest, a nonprofit microbartering and fair trade organization.

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Danika Kehlet

Completed her Practice in Quito, Ecuador where she worked in a reproductive health clinic and assisted with sexual and reproductive health education.

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Alexandra Ernst

Completed her Practice in Tanzania where she conducted surveys of child health and tested levels of iodine in homes and local salt wells.

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Kelsey McCarthy

Completed her Practice in Cape Coast, Ghana where she worked with the Rural Women Development and Health Initiative.

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The views expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the views of the Global Poverty Practice Minor or the Blum Center for Developing Economies.